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Non-profit organization
Sound Ways, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was established in 2015 for the advancement and education of exceptionally gifted young classical musicians in the United States. Our musicians come primarily from Russia and the former Soviet Union to study and advance their musical careers.

We provide essential support by assisting them with applications to universities and conservatories, summer programs, and scholarships, as well as facilitating live auditions and organizing concerts in the US. Sound Ways also organizes annual events to raise funds for individual musicians and help support our outreach initiatives in Russia.
Thanks to our generous supporters, we have assisted and sponsored young Russian musicians in gaining entrance to the some of the most elite summer music programs in the US, including Boston University, Tanglewood Institute, Music Academy International, and Berklee College of Music Summer Performance.

Our musicians have also received assistance in pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies at leading US music conservatories. We are extremely proud of our success in fostering musical and cultural exchanges between the United States and Russia through our mentorship of extraordinary musicians. We are also honored to offer music concerts to form and raise classical music awareness in children, teenagers and adults and to assist in organizing cross-cultural musical events with other distinguished organizations operating in major US metropolitan area.
Meet the Team
  • Maria Eliseeva
    President and founder of Sound Ways. Organizes fundraisers and charitable events.
    Maria was trained as a classical pianist in Moscow, Russia. Classical music has remained her life passion since early childhood.
  • Alexey Eliseev
    Audio/Video production, general management
    Dr. Eliseev's lifelong passion has been creative photography and videography. He helps Sound Ways with creating photo galleries of various events, creating video recordings of concerts and fundraisers, assists Sound Ways artists in creating portfolios for auditions and presentations.
  • Anastasia Lukina
    Sound engineer
    Anastasia is a sound engineer and a producer with classical music background. Graduated from Russian Academy of Music in Moscow she gained her expertise working at the Moscow Conservatory and All-Russian TV Company "Kultura".
  • Julia Eliseeva
    Management, fundraising, advertising, social media
    Julia Eliseeva is a student at the University of Southern California Thornton School Of Music in Los Angeles majoring in Music Industry.
  • Irina Matinian
    Graphic design
    Irina Matinyan is an award winning multidisciplinary Graphic Designer, Art Director and Artist. She is proficient both in print and digital design. Irina has over 15 years of design experience.
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